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Save International - Eastern Mediterranean and African Chapter

Serve a wide number of SAVE members around the world ,especially all African Countries

1- Ease the certification and re-certification procedures . 2- Introduce the value engineering to new Countries. 3- Provide additional services to SAVE international members to increase the value of memberships. 4- Establish LMC for each country ( Local Members Community). 5- Increase the number of SAVE members . 6- Doing annual conferences to stay in touch with knowledge and applications related to value engineering .

SAVE International® is the premier international society devoted to advancing and promoting the Value Methodology (VM). Also known as value engineering, value analysis and value management, the process can decrease costs, increase profits, improve quality and performance and enhance customer satisfaction on projects, processes and products. SAVE members are trained and certified in and practice the VM in more than 35 countries. Applications can include construction, product design and manufacturing, transportation, health care, government and environmental engineering. SAVE offers its members education and training, publications, tools for promoting the VM, certification, networking and recognition. Vision, Mission & Goals Vision: Unlocking knowledge, innovation, and passion to achieve success beyond expectation. Mission: SAVE International® is the global voice of value and the recognized authority on the Value Methodology that promotes, advocates, certifies, and educates. Learn more :

The Value Methodology (VM) is a systematic and structured approach for improving projects, products, and processes. VM, which is also known as value engineering, is used to analyze and improve manufacturing products and processes, design and construction projects, and business and administrative processes. VM helps achieve an optimum balance between function, performance, quality, safety, and cost. The proper balance results in the maximum value for the project. Value is the reliable performance of functions to meet customer needs at the lowest overall cost and it can be calculated like this: Value = Function/Cost Function is what the product or service is supposed to do. Cost is the expenditure needed to create it. The VM follows SAVE International®’s standard job plan, which consists of six phases: Information: Gather information to better understand the project. Function Analysis: Analyze the project to understand and clarify the required functions. Creative: Generate ideas on all the possible ways to accomplish the required functions. Evaluation: Synthesize ideas and concepts and select those that are feasible for development into specific value improvements. Development: Select and prepare the ‘best’ alternative(s) for improving value. Presentation: Present the value recommendation to the project stakeholders. The best results are achieved by a multi-disciplined team with experience and expertise relevant to the project being studied. A Certified Value Specialist® (CVS) usually leads the team to ensure the VM is properly followed. Enhancing Value in Your Company VM is embraced by businesses, industries and government agencies around the globe. Building designers and contractors, automobile manufacturers, chemical and pharmaceutical companies and national, regional and local governments all use the process regularly. The benefits they achieve using VM far outweigh the investments as reduced time and cost, and increased quality contribute to corporate success and taxpayer value. Learn More About Value Engineering :

Every business strives to differentiate their products and services from the competition; that is the business mantra we live and breathe every day. The question is how do you keep the competitive advantage? You must continuously improve your processes which impacts how you will do business with your customer. Value Engineering, Project and Quality Management are management tools that significantly improve quality, eliminate waste, and drive cost savings with your customer’s needs at the core of the process. You can use either tool exclusively or combine them to maximize operational excellence. While Project Management focuses on organizing and managing resources, Six Sigma focuses on reducing variation in the process. Whether you are looking to deploy one or both of these tools, you will be creating the differentiation through improved processes and overall organizational efficiency. Value-MEA goal is to guide organizations in their creation of a continuous improvement culture where Value Engineering, Project and Quality Management are core to the strategy and everyday business processes. Our goal is to educate and coach you and your associates to seamlessly integrate a process improvement program that will become the competitive differentiation in your organizations products and services. Our years of experience delivering results show that we will not only help you exceed expectations, but will equip you with the right tools to ensure success now and in the future.

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